1. Encouragement of exercising and practicing sports in the ranks of physicians and in the population at large as cardiovascular disease prevention and recovery means.
  2. Financial and moral support of physicians with sports preoccupations in order to have them participate in official competitions and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for the patients they take care of.

Athletic CardioClub intends to reach these two objectives by the following means:

  • Stimulation of information exchange between specialists, patients and the rest of the population in order to raise awareness of the importance of exercises and sports in preventing cardiovascular diseases;
  • Facilitation of communication between associations and foundations that focus on exercises and sports
  • Making sure the Association is actively present in mass-media;
  • Completion and implementation of sports promotion campaigns to prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • Supporting the participation of the Association members in domestic and international sports events;
  • Joining in international; organizations involved in heart disease prevention and recovery by exercises and sports.