12 Octomber 2011

The participation of nine cardiologists at the International Marathon of Bucharest under the umbrella of the Romanian Foundation of the Heart (RFH). The idea of setting up a sportive club of cardiologists emerges.

15 November 2011

Preliminary talks (Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu, MD PhD – future President of the Romanian Society of Cardiology for the 2014 – 2017 commission, Dan Gaita, Prof. PhD MD – RFH President, Ioan Mircea Coman, MD PhD Senior Lecturer, currently President of the RSC, Dan Deleanu, MD PhD – former President of RSC) in order to set up a Sportive Association of Cardiologists.

28 November 2011

Sending the letter of intent to the members of the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

In October took place the already traditional Bucharest City Marathon. Our colleagues, Dr. Dan Deleanu and Dr. Dan Gaita, persuaded me to participate in this edition. They and other cardiologists experienced for the second time such an event.

I went to the race somewhat afraid I would make a fool of myself as I felt unfit to run the 10.5 km if I were to be part of a relay team. This is why I decided to be no part of the two teams of the Romanian Society of Cardiology and to run by myself the 10.5 km. To my surprise and satisfaction, I succeeded in running that distance in a time that made me more optimistic of my abilities. I attach the picture we all made at the end of the race.

This experience determined me to submit to your attention the idea of organizing within the Foundation of the Heart a Club of Romanian Cardiologists that may be called “Athletic CardioClub”. I know that many colleagues work out and jog. The whole idea is to get a little coordinated, to get to know each other. Maybe we will succeed in creating teams that train together in various places in the country. All these teams may organize crosses at our meetings at the Workgroups Conference, at the Cardiology Congress or even organize and coordinate other such events under the auspices of the RSC, of the Foundation of the Heart, with the proper publicity. The “Athletic CardioClub” actions might be included in the National Prevention Program of the RSC and RFH. What other educational effect may be better than the personal example of the Romanian cardiologists?

Moreover, as Dr. Dan Deleanu and Dr. Dan Gaita suggest, as they already went in with me, such events may be organized for raising funds for the RSC and RFH programs.

The organization of this sports club involves a network of coordinators in different centers in the country. This is why I propose to all whom are concerned the proposal to join us. Together we will fix all the necessary details.

This way, at the Marathon of October 2012, Romanian cardiologists might participate in large numbers either individually or in relay teams.

Who else is joining?“

Dr. Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu

14 December 2011

The formation of the nucleus of founding members from the ranks of the cardiologists that answered the letter of intent;

23 December 2011

The name of the club “Athletic CardioClub” (ACC) was chosen;

27 December 2011

The ACC emblem was fixed by voting by the nucleus of the founding members;

03 January 2012

The first personal communications regarding the sports actions of the founding members;

05 January 2012

The systematization of the actions of the ACC members starting with the 1st of January.

14 January 2012

The first draft of the Articles of Association of ACC

06 February 2012

Submission with the OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks) of the ACC slogan “Run for Your Heart!”

07 February 2012

Approval of the setting-up of ACC by the board of the RSC and of the RFH that is made up of the founding members.

11 February 2012

The constitution of the Board of Directors of the RO-ACC. After the submission of the candidacies, the following were elected:

  • Presedinte: Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu, Md PhD (Bucharest)
  • Vice-presedinte: Florin Mitu, MD PhD Senior Lecturer (Iasi)
    Raluca Tecuceanu, MD (Bucharest)
  • Secretar: Cristina Vacarescu, MD (Bucharest)
  • Trezorier: Ovidiu Chioncel, MD (Bucharest) – and later on Antoniu Petris, MD (Iasi)

23 March 2012

Signing the Articles of Association of Athletic CardioClub and the official advertisement of the ACC setting-up on the site of the Romanian Society of Cardiology;

Drafting the Articles of Association and representation of ACC for the notary’s certification of the Articles, made by “AB CONSULTING” Lawyers’ Firm (Mrs Luciana Negrea and Mr Bogdan Aldrea);

29 March 2012

Development of the first version of the ACC website;

04 April 2012

The first ACC sponsor, Mr Cristiana Copos (“ANACOM”). The first 100 ACC T-shirts. ;

08 April 2012

The first live presentation of the ACC T-shirts;

10 April 2012

Acc registration as a legal entity;

27 April 2012

Press conference for ACC take-off organized by the Floreasca Emergency Hospital of Bucharest (participants: Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu MD PhD – President of RO-ACC, Ioan Mircea Coman MD PhD Senior Lecturer – President of RSC, Dan Gaita MD PhD Prof – President of RFH, Mrs Cristiana Copos).

3 – 5 May 2012

11 May 2012

The Cross of Cardiologists – Athletic CardioClub cross within the program of the Workgroup Conference held in Poiana Brasov, 26 participants;

2 June 2012

The first participation of the ACC members at an official competition: Asphaltfree Triathlon, 2 May resort.
Andra Butolo: 1st prize in category Team; 4th place in category Individual;
ACC relay team (Laurentiu Spataru, Emilian Dumitru, Alexandru Nichita) – 26th place out of 81 participating teams.

3 June 2012

The participation of the ACC members in the International Semimarathon of Bucharest:
ACC-1 relay team (Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu – Dan Deleanu) – 8th place out of 52 teams;
ACC-2 relay team (Oren Iancovici – Alex Aramescu) – 35th place;
Individual semimarathon:
Emilian Dumitru – 108th place out of 692 participants;
Raluca Tecuceanu – 60th place out of 122 participants.

13 iune 2012

The assignment of the tax number.

19 June 2012

Opening the bank accounts.

27 June 2012

Take-off of the new ACC website.